Akita Shinkansen has been called Komachi of series E6 at JR East Shinkansen that links Tokyo and Akita.  Akita shinkansen 7 car train of this new model appeared in 2013.  10-car train Touhoku Sinkansen has been called Hayabusa, runs together is connected to the back of the train Akita Shinkansen.  Akita Shinkansen will head to Akita direction it is disconnected Morioka Station on the way.  Hayabusa will head to Shin-Aomori Station then.   In order to run at the highest 320Km/h ,  I can not be captured by the slitcamera by too fast to this new train.   The train will run at a lower rate of maximum speed about 130Km/h  on route toward Akita from Morioka.  I've taken the train in a section becomes slow this slit-photo.